The PILFer
In-line Protein Filtration Systems

Protea's PILFer system allows protein scientists to collect proteins by MWCO filters and send the retentate directly
through a switching value to an LC or LC-MS.
  Description: Protea is pleased to introduce the PILFer in-line protein filtration system.  The PILFer system is a highly flexible, in-line protein filter, that provides a one-step means of placing untouched samples directly into a separation or purification process, delivering rapid and reliable results.

Protea's PILFer system uses in-line Molecular Weight Cut-off (MWCO) filters and has two selectable ports.  Researchers can achieve true in-line protein purification, desalting and/or concentration directly from any solution. The PILFer system saves time and prevents sample loss from concentration.  When coupled with an injection switching valve, researchers can achieve rapid injection of unpurified, unfiltered samples directly into an LC column or MS.

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A schematic of the PILFer in-line protein filter system:

A) Flow from sample injection valve or syringe is directed across MWCO filter and waste is diverted out of the   bottom, while the sample collection port is closed.
B) Flow from the LC or syringe is directed across the MWCO face and sent out the sample collection port to the LC or collection tube
Research Applications:  The PILFer in-line protein filter system is recommended for applications where it is advantageous to directly inject filter samples into HPLC or LC/MS, including:
● Concentrating, purifying and desalting proteins or DNA
● Purifying labeled mixtures
● Separation of proteins by molecular weight

Product Specifications

Performance Data

Effective Filter area: 0.18cm
Capacity: 45 to 1000ul        
Filter time:  0.5 to 10 min
pH range: 1 14
Recovery rate: 60 80%     

Samples can be filtered and sent directly to LC in under 10 minutes.

 MWCO  Pore Size*  Biomolecule
 1K      3K - 10K
 3K      10K - 20K
 5K      15K - 30K
 10K      30K - 90K
 30K      90K - 180K
 50K  5nm  15 - 30 nm  150K - 300K
 100K  10nm  30 - 90 nm  300K - 900K
 300K  35nm  90 - 200 nm  900K 1,800K

Catalog #



Price / Unit

 PF-100  Starter Set - Includes all you need to get started: one filter device,
 five packages of all 5 MWCO filters and standard buffer.
 Starter Set
 PF-101  PILFer in-line filter device   $320

                                                      PILFer in-line MWCO filters

 PF-120-3k  3k  (50 filters/pack)     $45 / package
 PF-120-10k  10k  (50 filters/pack)     $45 / package
 PF-120-30k  30k  (50 filters/pack)   $45 / package
 PF-120-50k  50k  (50 filters/pack)     $45 / package
 PF-120-100k  100k  (50 filters/pack)     $45 / package

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