Coated Capillaries and buffers for CE

Protea  coated capillaries are provided with a proprietary chemical coating that allow sample separation without interference from capillary EOF.  Our coatings minimize adsorption of sample to the capillary walls, resulting in minimum sample loss and reproducible CE separations.  We provide standardized buffers for use with the coated capillaries.


Catalog # Description Unit Cost / Unit

Coated Capillaries

CE-101 75mm ID X 75 cm 1 $110
CE-102 100mm ID X 75 cm 1 $110


CE-200 Sodium Tetraborate Buffer, 25 mM, pH 9.2 100 mL $25
CE-202 Sodium Tetraborate Buffer, 50 mM, pH 9.2 100 mL $25
CE-210 Sodium Phosphate Buffer, 25 mM, pH 7.0 100 mL $25
CE-212 Sodium Phosphate Buffer, 50 mM, pH 7.0 100 mL $25

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