Instructions for sending us your samples.

Instructions for sending samples

Antibodies: send us your primary antibody in a standard concentration

Cultured cells: culture the cells, remove the cell media and wash the cells with cold  1XPBS once. After washing, immediately add 0.5-1ml of cold RIPA to  lyze the cells. Remove the cell lysate from the culture plates using a cell  scraper, followed by spinning down at 10,000rpm for 15 minutes. Save  the supernatants and detect the protein concentration. Please be reminded  that all of the processes should be operated at 4ºC.

Serum: freeze the samples.

Crude cell lysate: detect the protein concentration and freeze the crude cell lysate.

Do we need to provide the primary antibodies? 
Yes. However, if the primary antibodies are commercially available, we can purchase them for you. 

Do we need to send out the control samples? 
Yes, and we will provide common cell lysate controls upon request. 

Can we order 1XRIPA buffer and inhibitors?
Yes, we will provide these upon request.